Sunward Intelligence, a subsidiary of the Group, is listed as "Top Ten Listed Companies with the Most Growth in Small and Medium-sized Boards"

Release time:2019-08-13


    On August 11, the 13th China Listed Companies Value Forum and the First Most Respected Investment Banking Forum hosted by the Securities Times and sponsored by the China Listed Companies Development Alliance were held at Shangri-La Hotel in Shenzhen. According to the overall performance of Listed Companies in creating wealth for shareholders, a panel composed of professional institutions and industry experts selects outstanding listed companies with excellent financial performance, high level of governance, first-class management team, brand and strategy. 

    Sunward Intelligence (002097), as an outstanding representative of the construction machinery industry, has become the top ten listed companies with the most growth in small and medium-sized boards with high quality and sustained growth. Sunward Intelligence is the affirmation of the judges to Sunward Intelligence. It also fully reflects the recognition of all parties in the capital market for Sunward Intelligence in the aspects of shareholder returns, profitability, financial security and sustainable development.