Vanlead Group Holds Mid-2019 Working Conference

Release time:2019-07-23

    In order to comprehensively summarize the work accomplished in the first half of the year, thoroughly analyze the existing problems and shortcomings, and study and deploy the work in the second half of the year, on the morning of July 19, the Group held a mid-2019 working conference in the conference room on the 41st floor of the headquarters. At the meeting, deputy General Manager Liu Huichun and Secretary of Wu Liangguo's Discipline and Discipline Commission respectively made reports on the first half of the year's operation, Party building and ideological and political work.Huang Yong, Vice Secretary, Vice Chairman and General Manager of the Party Committee of the Group, made a summary speech entitled "Bearing in mind the original mission, being brave in carrying out practical tasks and striving to achieve the objectives of the Year of Quality Improvement and Efficiency Increase". Secretary of Wu Liangguo's Discipline Commission presided over the meeting.


    Liu Huichun, deputy general manager, pointed out that in the first half of the year, the majority of cadres and workers did not relax in their determination of the goal of "quality improvement and efficiency enhancement year", seized favorable conditions and positive factors to deal with various difficulties and challenges, and the group's business income and operating profits smoothly achieved "more than half of both". Among them, Wuzhou Huangpu realized operating profit of 19.56 million yuan, Nanfang Soda realized operating profit of 12.73 million yuan, GCEC revenue exceeded 3 billion yuan, Guangzhou Pearl River Chemical Coating and Vanlead assets realized turning losses into profits, chemical industry group, Guangzhou Pearl River Chemical Industry Group and real estate company reduced losses. The acquisition of Sunward Intelligent Shares was successfully completed, and the Group became Sunward Intelligent's largest shareholder and actual controller. It was consolidated in June 2019, laying a solid foundation for the successful completion of the Group's "13th Five-Year Plan" development target of 20 billion yuan in business income in 2020.

    Wu Liangguo, Secretary of the Discipline Commission, pointed out that the group has always adhered to the guiding ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping's new era, carried out theoretical study in a solid way in the spirit of "To rise up upon hearing the crow of a rooster", and ensured that the theme education of "not forgetting the first heart and remembering the mission" is effective; and actively cooperated with the city with the attitude of "high standard and high quality". Inspection work of the CPC Committee; strengthen ideological and secrecy work with the attitude of "high responsibility" to provide strong support for the political security of the group. We should comprehensively promote the construction of grass-roots Party organizations, cadres, harmonious enterprises, and strictly administer the Party in an all-round way, earnestly grasp the "assessment of large-scale Party construction" and enhance the core role of grass-roots Party organizations; actively promote the "talent project" to enhance the centripetal force of the entrepreneurship of the officers; actively build five major projects to enhance the staff. Cohesive force; strengthen supervision, discipline and accountability, enhance the immunity against corruption and change. We will continue to explore new ideas, new ways and new methods for strengthening and improving Party building so as to further strengthen the determination and ability of the group Party organizations to orient, manage the overall situation and ensure its implementation.

    General Manager Huang Yong put forward eight requirements for the second half of the year: First, to strengthen production and management, and to achieve high-quality development of enterprises. We should optimize the marketing system, reduce the cost of enterprises, and accelerate the industrialization of scientific research achievements. Second, we should continue to do a good job in the construction of investment projects and actively plan for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. While carrying out the key construction projects of the municipal government, we should actively promote the strategic landing of "one body, two wings" of Sunward Intelligence. Third, improve the corporate governance system and enhance the competitiveness of the state-owned economy. We should promote the organic integration of Party building and corporate governance, promote the coordinated development of Sunward Intelligence and Group by stages and steps, and give full play to the role of audit supervision as a "good health care doctor". Fourthly, we should strengthen the construction of talent team and stimulate the vitality of entrepreneurship of officers. We should promote the construction of four talent teams as a whole, enhance the spirit of cadres and staff, and insist that cadres should be replaced when they are not in a state. Fifthly, we should do a good job in patrolling and rectifying, and do a good job in the "second half of the article" of patrolling. After feedback from the inspection opinions, the rectification and implementation should be carried out in the highest political position, the strongest responsibility and the fastest implementation speed. Sixth, we should focus on the general requirements of thematic education and push forward Party building to a new level. We should bear in mind our original mission, seriously find gaps and implement them, and effectively solve outstanding problems. Give full play to the traditional advantages of Ideological and political work in state-owned enterprises, and bring together a strong synergy of turning losses and increasing profits, improving quality and increasing efficiency. Seventh, we should correctly understand the reform of state-owned enterprises and make every effort to ensure the overall situation is stable. We will do a good job in publicizing and explaining the reform and reorganization of state-owned enterprises to ensure their normal operation and overall stability. Eighth, we should strengthen supervision, discipline and accountability, and create a clean and healthy environment for entrepreneurship. We should strengthen the Party's political construction, continue to fight corruption, form a comprehensive and strict control of the Party's joint efforts to further deepen and re-implement.

    All the leaders of the group, the supervisory board, the middle-level headquarters, the second-level enterprise leading group and the leaders of Sunward Intelligence, Hefei Wanli, Shenyang Power and TCM attended the meeting, and the head of the headquarters attended the meeting.